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Quick-Thinking Teen Rushes to Save People Trapped In Burning Building, Inspired by Her Favorite Show

Sep 6, 2021

A hero schoolgirl who saved people trapped in a burning apartment raised the alarm after being inspired by a TV show about the emergency services.

14-year-old Lily Swanson is obsessed with the Disney+ show 9-1-1, so when she noticed a strong burning smell she immediately stopped to investigate.

She had been on a walk with her Rottweiler Isobel near her home in Leyland, Lancashire, but decided to try and find the source of the smell.
The quick-thinking teenager looked around and finally spotted black smoke billowing out of an apartment window on Hough Lane.

Lily ran home to wake her dad Mike Swanson and rang 999.

Mike grabbed his ladders and ran to the scene to help those trapped inside before the building was engulfed in flames.

Lily said, “As soon as I called the fire brigade, we ran back outside and we could see people hanging out the window.

“It had only been a minute or two since I first saw the smoke but as we were running over to help them, one of the windows blew off and fell into the street.

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