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Made in India

Sep 6, 2021

In an effort to help producers of traditional Indian art and handicrafts flourish, a New Delhi-based architect couple, Rajeev and Sheela Lunkad, have created Direct Create.

An online platform where designers, creators and buyers can find and connect with each other, co-create, showcase designs and sell products without middlemen. Makers are also offered a space to exhibit their work through visual profiles that overcome language barriers. Officially launched in January 2020, the website enables artisans to break into the digital space and harness technology—both areas in which they are typically left behind—to transact more equitably and reach a wider market. “For individuals without the necessary tools or skills for fulfilment, we offer the services and support to bridge the gap,” co-founder Rajeev tells RD. “We currently have around 3,000 makers, 1,500 designers and more then 15,000 buyers who interact through the platform,” he adds. With Indian art and crafts gaining widespread patronage, here’s hoping efforts like these give talented artisans their long awaited due too.

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