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How to keep pets safe & happy during fireworks

Nov 7, 2021

It's important to have fun while keeping yourself safe - and look out for your pets too.

Animal charities such as the PDSA say that the loud bangs and bright lights of fireworks can make animals anxious.

If possible, bring your outdoor pets inside.

Move animals in their hutches, like guinea pigs or rabbits, to a garage or shed.
Soundproof their cages by putting a breathable blanket over the top.
Give them some extra bedding so they have somewhere to hide if they do get scared.

If you know there's going to be fireworks, keep your pets in the house.

Shut any windows and doors so they can't run off if they do get frightened.
Make sure blinds and curtains are closed.
Build them a den in an area they feel safe in. This could mean putting an extra blanket on their bed.
Try turning up the TV or music so they're distracted by familiar sounds.
If your pets are unsettled, it's important not to get cross with them or make too much of a fuss of them.

Give them some space and treat them as you would normally.

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