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Father wanted to see daughter in police uniform, Pooja became IPS to fulfill his wish

Aug 25, 2021

Pooja Awana became IPS to fulfill her father’s wish

Pooja Awana’s father Vijay Awana wanted to see his dear daughter in police uniform. To fulfill her father’s wish, Pooja had decided to take the UPSC exam. Pooja gave the UPSC exam for the first time but could not get success. Pooja did not give up in the face of failure, but intensified her preparation.

Pooja Awana rectified her shortcomings and again gave UPSC exam and was successful. Pooja secured 316th rank in All India and managed to become an IPS officer. It was known that Pooja Awana, a resident of Atta village in Noida, was top in studies from the beginning and after graduation she started preparing for UPSC.

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